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More than web design, a data driven strategic approach to building a site that converts your audience

We work with agents specializing in Medicare & Senior, P&C, Life, and Health insurance products.  At Agent Caffeine, we know the industry because we’ve been in the industry. We’ve been in tech. Your benefit is that we combine the two for your website.

We believe the most successful independent insurance agents build audience-centric insurance website designs. They answer the questions their prospects have online, and establish themselves as the knowledgable, go-to source before the 1st call ever happens. 

In order to maximize results, you must design your site for maximum usability and reduce user frustration. That’s where our expertise comes in handy. We learn who your customers are, disect the best practices for converting that audience based on demographic and geographic data. What’s this mean? A custom-built site that gets more leads for you. Many sites are too bloated or too cookie-cutter; often putting design over clarity.  Frustrated users typically don’t return  – so keep the insurance website design clear, legible and informative.

Your Brand

Your Design

Your Website

sites built to convert your audience

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of internet users. In 2020 and beyond, more of the business that you do will be online. Your site needs to be ready. 

Medicare focused?

If your target customers are seniors, your site should adjust according for: proper font sizes, simple form filling, clear error and confirmation messaging. 

Family, Property & Casualty focused?

Younger audiences are not impressed by advertisements anymore. When it comes to purchasing any products or services, they turn to their family and friends, and online reviews to get suggestions and judge the value of the product. The same concept applies to when they are searching for insurance coverage. 

Roughly three-quarters of internet users ages 65 and up say they go online daily

% of Us. Internet users who say they use the internet…


Age 18 - 29


Age 50 - 64


Age 30 - 49


Age 65+

  • 65+ Smartphone Users 65% 65%

Source: Survey conducted Mar. 7 – Apr. 4 2016
“Tech Adpotion Climbs Among Older Adults”

Designs built to generate leads


Lead capture forms


Prospects questions answered fast


streamline page structure


Half the word count


modern design


cms compliant

mobile first approach

Mobile traffic is up 222% in the last 7 years, with no signs of stopping. The first place a prospect will go when considering a purchase is to check out your website.

Is it built to answer the questions they are looking for within the 1st 9 seconds? Because that’s all the time you’ve got before they bounce off and go somewhere else. 

And now that smartphone and tablet searches are more than 55% of all online searches, your site must have a mobile hub for your online insurance presence. 

 insurance website design

Build your audience demand into your website design


Responsive Web Design


Rewards In Exchange For Loyalty


Self-service Options For “Do-It-Yourselvers”


Connecting With Storytelling


Social Media Contact

Designing an insurance website based on your audience is key to building long term relationships

You need to make sure that you create a lifelong relationship with them. Even though it is going to be hard to earn trust from a cold relationship, once you earn it, it’ll never lose trust.

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